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Sherwood Park Elementary School Counseling Program

The mission of Cumberland County School Counselor Program is to help students demonstrate a positive attitude
towards self and others, gain career and life-planning skills, and develop
effective academic foundations. These attributes will increase educational
and life success. Our program follows the ASCA National Model for
Counseling programs which integrates the following domains:

In addition to classroom and small group school counseling curriculum for all students K-2,
several student support groups are offered throughout the school year. More may be
developed and implemented upon student need.

STUDENT SUPPORT GROUPS: Student Support groups provide an opportunity for
additional personal and social skill building. They provide a chance for students to share, be
a part of, feel special, and increase their sense of belonging.

New Student Group: This group is designated for new first and second grade students
to the district. It is designed to help your child get acquainted with a new school, encourage
positive social skills as well as meet other new students at SWPES. He/She will also learn
things specific to SWPES and how to make new friends. This group is specifically for first
and second grade students only.

Family Change Group: This group is designed to help those students referred to
cope with separation or divorce in their family. It is an opportunity for students to
build coping skills, share, and relate to other students going through similar issues
as well as increase their sense of belonging. I am sensitive to the approval of both
family parties and may require special permission from both sides prior to the start
of group.

Grief Group: This group is designed to help students who are grieving the loss of a
loved one. Considering the sensitive nature of this topic the counselor will use
discretion when accepting students into this group. The counselor will meet with
students on an individual basis if the amount of students does not meet a large
enough amount for a group.

Friendship Group: This group is designed to give students extra support in
the area of friendships. Students who might need additional skills to help
make friends and keep friends could benefit from this group.

Anger Group: This group is designed to give students extra support in the area of
anger management including understanding anger, where it comes from, and how to
handle it from there without harming themselves or others.

Marvelous Me Group: This is a group to help students who need a boost
with self esteem. This group is designed to help students feel a sense of
belonging and feel empowered within themselves to not only like themselves,
but stand up for their needs.

Club USA: This is a group specifically for those students who have parents
serving in the armed forces away from home. Especially those parents who
are deployed to combat zones. This group is designed to give students extra
support in the area of being a military child.

This year our school is implementing “Caught Being Good,” a comprehensive
character education program focusing on nine character traits which we will
be teaching, modeling, and encouraging in our classes and school. You, as the
most important adults in your children’s lives, are the first and most
influential character teachers they have. We hope to take what you have so
diligently begun at home, and incorporate it into the school setting as well.
Our school has always emphasized good character, but this year we are using
a specific program which we feel will make this crucial teaching even more
obvious and overt in the school setting. Since we are partners in teaching
your children we look forward to your comments, suggestions, support, and
help in implementing this important program this year.
As part of our partnership we will be sending you a letter each month telling
you the character trait we will be focusing on that month. Our letter will
also include ideas for how you can reinforce at home what we are doing at
Each character education trait will be announced at our monthly all school
morning meetings and on our television broadcast. Our character traits for
the school year will be Respect, Thankfulness, Caring, Honesty,
Responsibility, Cooperation, and Good Citizenship.
Your child will be recognized when they are seen showing these trait in
school with a “Caught being Good announcement on Friday mornings. At this
time these students will meet me in the cafeteria to choose a gift from my
“Caught Being Good treasure chest”.
Please follow up our efforts at school with your own discussions at home to
help your child internalize this concept. Examples of questions you could ask
What have you learned about (character trait) at school?

Do you have times when you need to show (character trait) at home also?

When are those times?

What does (charter trait) look like?

What does (character trait)sound like?

Why do you think it is important?

Please contact the school if you have any questions about our “Caught Being Good Program”.

Frankie C. Colvin
School Counselor

Published by Sylvester Colvin on September 12, 2019